Gutter Protection Reviews: How Some Gutters on the Market Are Tested

Are you tired of gutter covers that keep on promising that they have the best gutter guard system for homes, but sometimes fall short of their promise? Fear not; there is a way to determine if the gutter guards you have in mind to have installed are truly worth the investment.

Gutter Protection Reviews How Some Gutters on the Market Are Tested

The gutter protection reviews being done by the NC Review Consumer Advocacy Group is dedicated to testing the different gutter guards on the market today, and looking for the best and most reliable system that can ensure that your gutters remain unclogged by any debris. Their testing goes through three phases: strength, water throughput and durability.

For the strength test, weights of 2, 3, and 5 pounds are dropped on the gutter guards to simulate the scenario of a tree branch falling on the gutters. This test is important because it can determine the safety of your gutters from accidents.

The water throughput is a two-part test. In the first part, a UV dye is mixed to the water and viewed under UV light to see how well water is absorbed by the gutter covers. Any spillage is recorded and ranked appropriately. The second part is the over-flow test, which is performed by pouring a fixed amount of water over the gutter guards. The water that was absorbed will be recorded; simply put, the more water overflows, the lower the grade.

Lastly, the durability test is performed by simulating weathering. One part of the test subjects the gutter guards under a UV light to replicate the sun’s rays, while in the same test the guards are also kept in a cooler with a mixture of rainwater, sulfuric acid, molasses, motor oil, and sea salt for 2 YEARS! Each of these gutter guards are then tested for any signs of weathering. This part of the test is to determine how long or well your gutter covers can withstand extreme natural conditions.

The organization has conducted numerous gutter protection reviews of different products. After the long tests, companies such as Gutter Dome, Inc. emerged as among the best, with gutter guards of great condition that passed the tests with flying colors. Should you be in need of gutter protection, find gutter guard companies that provide quality-tested products for your home.


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